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Having the test kit serial number ensures that you have permission to access the results for or update information about your kit. To protect your privacy and confidentiality, Alpha Energy cannot disclose test information without the serial. If you are wanting to search for your results on our website or must contact our lab for any reason, you will need the serial!

  • Be sure to make a note of your test kit serial for your own records!

For information on where to find the serial, please refer to our FAQ! It is not the barcode on the retail packaging.
For more information on our privacy policy, please review our privacy policy here.

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Radon gas is created by the decay of uranium and sometimes gets trapped in underground water reserves and aquifers at high pressure. When this radon-contaminated water leaves your tap the radon gas is released into your home. Because of this, well water sources are the most likely to have radon problems.

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The Short Term test kits have an indefinite shelf life! As long as they have been sealed up in their plastic bag, do not have any sort of damage to the paper side of the kit, and have been stored under normal room temperature conditions, they should be fine to use. First Alert, LabTech, and Kidde kits all use Short Term tests.
Long Term (Alpha Track) test kits generally have a shelf life of about one year. These kits should have a sticker that states by what date the test should start by for a valid reading. If you have any concerns about your kit being expired, please call us at 800-324-5928 and have your test kit serial number ready!
Radon in Water test kits do not expire.

  • Note: while the kit may not expire, some information may become outdated, such as the postage needed to send back your kit. Please check to ensure that you are using the correct amount of postage when returning your kit.
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For Short Term tests, your test kit serial number is located on the plastic tray of your radon sampler immediately below the words “Test Kit Serial”. It is usually 1-3 letters followed by 4-6 numbers, i.e. FC123456. This is not the barcode on the outside of the retail packaging! First Alert, LabTech, and Kidde kits are all Short Term tests.
For Long Term (Alpha Track) tests, your serial number is located on the top of the black disk canister. It would be a series of 7 numbers and include a dash before the final number (note: older kits may not include a dash in the serial). These should all begin with the letters “AT” — it may not be included on the canister itself, but will be listed on the information sheet.
For Radon in Water kits, the full test kit serial is listed on the box. It should begin with the letters “RW” and be followed by a 5-6 digit number. The vial itself will also list the number, but without the beginning letters.

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Here at Alpha Energy Labs, we strive to keep your personal information confidential; we do not release your confidential information (name, address, results, etc.) to third parties – the only exception being when required by law or regulatory agencies. We do not sell your information for marketing purposes.

You can view the entire privacy policy and terms of use by clicking here. You can also view a list of states that have regulatory laws regarding radon and radon testing.

If you have any questions about the regulations specific to your state, please contact your state radon contact! You can find your state’s radon contact number by searching here.

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For Mail and Deliveries to the Lab:
We are open to receive mail packages any day that USPS delivers, including Saturdays! To view the Post Office’s holiday delivery schedule, visit their website:

For Lab Reporting and Customer Service:
Customer service and lab reporting days are Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm CST, unless noted. Holidays falling over a weekend are observed on the closest Friday or Monday to said
We are closed on these holidays:

  • New Year’s Day*
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day*
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day* & day after
  • Christmas Day*
  • Note: customer service and lab reporting typically close around 12pm CST on the day preceding these holidays.
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Unlike other analytical laboratories, Alpha Energy does not charge an additional fee for analysis for most test kits! First Alert, Kidde, and Alpha Energy kits fall into this category.

  • Tests conducted in New Jersey require a $10 administrative fee per test kit to cover the regulatory costs charged to Alpha Energy by the State of New Jersey DEP.
  • For Canada residents, a $15 fee per test kit is required to cover shipping costs.
  • LabTech kits do have an analysis fee of $15, plus any other costs that may apply (New Jersey administrative fee, optional Lab Rush Service, etc.) Your test information sheet will
    indicate if an analysis fee is required. If you are unsure, check your test serial. Serials starting with RA (i.e. RA123456) require a $15 analysis fee.
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