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Once your radon sampler and information sheet are sealed up in the return mailer envelope, you should ship your kit as soon as you can! We must receive your kit within 10 days of being stopped for a valid reading. We also recommend placing your kit(s) in another shipping box or envelope for extra protection during shipping.

  • We strongly recommend a shipping service that includes tracking to ensure delivery to our labs – UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority or better are all good options.
  • For information on our return shipping via FedEx SmartPost, visit our webpage! This is a timely and affordable option for return shipping.
  • To view the current postage rate for USPS First Class mail (using stamps), click here. If you ship via USPS First Class, you do so at your own risk! Alpha Energy cannot be responsible for postal errors and we have seen an increasing rate of error with this service.
  • Certain tests include prepaid USPS First Class postage. If your return mailer envelope says “No Postage Necessary if mailed in the United States,” no stamps are required to ship via USPS. Please understand that we cannot guarantee delivery in a timely manner via USPS First Class (see note above).
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Rates for shipping vary depending on what carrier and service you use, shipping distance, and the number of kits being sent. You will need to check with your carrier for accurate pricing. Please note that we must receive your kit within 10 days of being stopped for best results; after that time period, we cannot guarantee a valid reading.

  • We do offer return shipping via FedEx SmartPost! FedEx has been one of the most reliable carriers we’ve worked with and their SmartPost service is affordable and easy to use. For more, visit our webpage!
  • We strongly recommend purchasing a service that includes tracking. This is the best way to ensure delivery to our labs and to know whether or not we have received it!
  • Recently, USPS has increased the amount of postage needed for First Class mail (using stamps). Some older tests may contain outdated information, so be sure that you are using the correct amount of postage! For the current postal rates, click here.

We do not recommend shipping with USPS First Class (using stamps) as they are the least reliable carrier. We also advise placing your kit(s) inside another shipping box or envelope for extra protection during shipping!

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We are open to receive mail any day that the Post Office is delivering! This includes Saturdays and some holidays.

  • Saturdays we are open to receive mail, but we do not have customer service and typically
    don’t issue reports on Saturdays.
  • For a list of the Post Office holidays, visit their website.

Please note that Alpha Energy cannot be responsible for delays in transit. We recommend using a shipping service that includes tracking to ensure delivery. We always complete the time-sensitive portion of analysis on the day a kit arrives in the lab, so lab closures for weekends or holidays do not affect test accuracy.

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Yes, you can ship multiple kits together in one shipping package! Be sure that each radon sampler is well sealed in its own individual mailer envelope (along with its own info sheet and payment, if applicable) to prevent cross contamination. If purchasing our Lab Rush Service, each individual envelope should be marked for rush as well. Then, ship your package to our physical address:

  • Alpha Energy Labs
    2501 Mayes Rd
    Ste 100
    Carrollton, TX 75006
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