For Short Term tests, your test kit serial number is located on the plastic tray of your radon sampler immediately below the words “Test Kit Serial”. It is usually 1-3 letters followed by 4-6 numbers, i.e. FC123456. This is not the barcode on the outside of the retail packaging! First Alert, LabTech, and Kidde kits are all Short Term tests.
For Long Term (Alpha Track) tests, your serial number is located on the top of the black disk canister. It would be a series of 7 numbers and include a dash before the final number (note: older kits may not include a dash in the serial). These should all begin with the letters “AT” — it may not be included on the canister itself, but will be listed on the information sheet.
For Radon in Water kits, the full test kit serial is listed on the box. It should begin with the letters “RW” and be followed by a 5-6 digit number. The vial itself will also list the number, but without the beginning letters.

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