Once testing is complete, a report will immediately be sent out via the method requested on your information sheet. You can also download a copy of your report through our website!
Here are the most common reasons why you haven’t seen a report just yet:

  • Your emailed report got sent to a spam or junk folder. Since we send out thousands of reports via email, we often get marked as spam.
  • Your mailed report hasn’t reached you quite yet. It can take around 7 days for mail to reach you.

Some other common reasons:

  • An incorrect email, fax number, or address on your information sheet
  • Missing information; sometimes, we receive a kit without the info sheet
  •  Your kit arrived a bit late due to a delay in transit

If it’s been over 30 days since you mailed off your kit and you haven’t heard anything from us, please contact us at radon@alphaenergylabs.com or by phone at (800) 324-5928. Be sure to include your test kit serial and shipment information.

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